About Savale

Savale Flowers Antiques  offers beauty and charm through antiques, decorative paint and florals. 

Savale opened its doors on April 26, 2015 in the former shop space of beloved boutique, Trouve Home and Garden. Trouve owners, Joan Colangelo and daughter Krissie Young, were delighted that the antique charm and beauty for the home would continue to be curated by their long-time friend, Lisa Savale.

Lisa has a Fine Arts degree and has always loved sculpture, painting and textiles. Being artistic runs in her family: her brother is an artist and her grandmother was an excellent painter. Lisa was naturally drawn to Jolie Paint - a matte finish decorative paint - because it is a fantastic medium that is extremely versatile.

Another long time passion of Lisa's is custom florals. She started doing flowers for family weddings with her friend, Barbie, over 10 years ago and their collaboration has flourished ever since.